Vita Eric Decastro
Vita Eric Decastro
Eric Decastro Born in Burgundy, France, grew up in a family of artists and entrepreneurs. He is a graduate of Prof. Markus Lüpertz's master class at the art academy.

His works are in numerous important collections, such as the Deutsche Bank / SAL-Oppenheim, Reinhold Würth Collection Künzelsau, Eduardo Hochschild Collection Lima Peru, Inca-Cola Collection Peru/Atlanta USA, Reinhard Ernst Museum Wiesbaden and many more.

Eric Decastro lives and works in the greater Frankfurt am Main area and near Lourmarin, Luberon / France.


Convincing, immediately apparent - Eric Decastro's works magically draw the viewer into a color poetic, stirring or reduced clear, exclusive cosmos. Paintings that the artist, despite their sometimes exuberant abundance of form and color with his pictorial harmony masters with répétitive gestures often in a miditative state. DECASTRO deals with transience and often paints over his canvases for this purpose.

His often ironic pop art mix media such as "Hurrah, we're still alive" Green Turtle are exactly the opposite - they are made from dried paint residues that are first painted on glass, then peeled off and then put together and glued to the canvas with a matt transparent varnish.

Clearly visible in his key work Tumult. A brilliant experience over four meters that the artist is showing for the first time worldwide. An artistic as well as, with the most elaborate interference varnish on Avignon canvas up to the canvas with quadrille framing, a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Vita Eric Decastro
VITA ERIC DECASTRO, 1960, french artist, is educated as a screen printer, but he is mainly working as a painter.
Since 1984 he has been engaged in art, Eric has exibition together with artists such as Hermann Nitsch, Gerhard Richter, or Markus Lüpertz. In 2009 he founded the Artspace Frankfurt. He has organized exhibitions under the motto, ‘Rendez-vous des Artistes’, with curator Dr.Elmar Zorn, Prof. Ludwig Seyfarth and Dr. Danièle Perrier.
Eric Decastro is educated as a screen printer, but he is mainly working as a painter. In his mostly large-sized works he uses the dripping technique which is a contribution to the abstract expressionism. But Decastro is especially interested in the balance in the coloring and lighting of his paintings whereas the thick and impasto application of color plays a significant role. The plastic effect is increased even more by an interplay between light and shade originating from changing incidence of light. The observer is pulled into a colorful and poetic cosmos, which is intentionally designt to allow the illusion of landscapes or outer spaces.
Thematically Decastro deals with the issue of fugaciousness.
Decastro's works are represented in the Collection Deutsche Bank /SAL-Oppenheim, RE Collection, Schloss Mochental Collection, UGM Museum Maribor Art Gallery, Slovenia, Museum Villa Rot Burgrieden Germany, Torrance Art Museum California Kunstverein Heppenheim Germany, Inca-Cola collection Lima Peru Eduardo Hochschild Collection Lima, and much more.
Eric Decastro's art will be shown at the Torrance Art Museum in April 2016 amongst others like Tobias Rehberger, Gerhard Richter Ed Ruscha and at the Bronxartspace New-York USA.
Since 2019 Studying Painting and Drawing, Prof. Markus Lüpertz Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor, Germany
Since 2019 Studying Painting and Drawing, Reinhold Braun, Fritz Dickgiesser, Leander Kresse, Arnim Tölke
Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor, Germany